"Why attending the TJSL Study Abroad Programs are a must while in Law School!"

Traveling to Nice, France and Hangzhou, China in the Summer of 2009, were a first of many for me. It was the first time I had left the United States. First time traveling around the world (from Los Angeles,CA to Asia, to the Middle East, to Europe, to New York, NY, to Seattle, WA, and back to San Diego, CA). It was the first time living in a foreign country and meeting friends from the around the world. More importantly, it was the beginning of life long relationships with friends and colleagues that could only be strengthened while traveling in a foreign country.

If that is not enough, how about traveling to 19 countries and 29 cities in 3 months over the summer and getting 8 units toward my J.D. and law school graduation. And for those inclined to know, study abroad programs are focused on cultural education (having fun and entertaining times) as much as they are towards the legal education. Why else would you travel half-way across the world to learn? There is no other reason--the point is to immerse yourself in the culture, meet people, and to be challenged in living life to the fullest.

Needless to say, the programs were an amazing experience and it was one of the best times in my life. Those who traveled together still keep in touch and laugh about those experiences. It was also those experiences and challenges in traveling overseas that gave us additional confidence to go after our dreams, without fear or trembling.

Now, it is not just a personal experience, here are some testimonials from Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alums who have attended the Nice and/or China programs:

"I wouldn't classify the semester abroad in Nice as a program, but more deserving - an experience. Our time on the coast of France was not only culturally influential, educational, and breathtaking but organized and professionally administered. A must for any law school student who craves a higher level of experience and education for their law school and legal career."

- Courtney Darnell '11 (Nice Program, 2009), Director of Online Marketing at LawInfo.com (San Diego, CA)

"By far the best decision I ever made during law school. Life and career changing!"

-Taylor Olson '11 (China and Nice Programs, 2009), Solo Practitioner (San Francisco, CA)

"With the China Program, you get to study with the Chinese students in their university. It's an amazing experience of law and culture."

-Eric P. Ganci '08 (China Program, 2007), Award Winning DUI Trial Lawyer (San Diego, CA)

"Studying abroad in Nice was one of my most memorable and enjoyable experiences during law school. To be able to study different areas of law in an international context, take classes with, and learn from foreign law students, and live on the French Riviera, is an experience I will never forget. I have never met anyone who regretted a study abroad experience, because it is a great way to expand your horizons and gain an education that expands far beyond just the classroom."

-Matt Vesterdahl '11 (Nice Program, 2009), Staff Attorney, Reed Smith, LLP (San Francisco, CA)

"Studying abroad in Nice was one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences during my time at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, not to mention the lifetime friendships the experience created."

-Adam Owens '11 (Nice Program, 2009), Solo Practitioner (San Diego, CA)

Alums hope you attend the programs and experience what we got to experience. Life, as you know, is what you make of it. So, make the China and Nice TJSL Study Abroad Programs a priority and sign up now.

Learn more about the Nice Program here.

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