Mad Money: Good for Wins and Baseball?

In his capacity as an Editorial Writer for, Attorney Jeremy Evans with California Sports Lawyer, has written an article about whether payroll and wins have a correlation.

"Not all is lost for the Dodgers and other high-spending teams. When we break the numbers down by playoff wins, the Dodgers are in the middle of the pack at $129,033,216 per team playoff win, on average. This number is lower for the Dodgers and similar playoff contending teams because (1) the game sample size is smaller, and (2) the more playoff games you play in the larger your team payroll can be divided. . .

It is not lost upon the author that as this article is being written we are utilizing financial figures and Excel Worksheets to analyze team value in terms of wins, while at the same time calling attention to the very thing that has altered the game and players we love."

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