Houston Astros pitcher Doug Fister shows good value (Book of 2017 Free Agents: Part 8)

In his capacity as Contributing Writer for Scoutables.com, Attorney Jeremy Evans with California Sports Lawyer, has written an article about soon-to-be free agent starting pitcher Doug Fister.

"The 6’8” and 210 pound right-hander is one of the tallest pitchers in the majors and is with his fourth Major League franchise — which includes the Seattle Marines, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals and now the Houston Astros.

He was drafted in the seventh round of the 2006 Major League Draft. Fister utilizes a four-pitch repertoire: fastball, cutter, changeup, and curveball . . .

Throughout his career, Fister has remained a contact pitcher — not striking out or walking many batters with a 3.16 career strikeout-to-walk rate. He has the ability to be a consistent arm as a number three, four, or five starting pitcher in any Major League starting rotation."

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