Weekly Column: The Wonder and Beauty of Wimbledon

In his capacity as a Columnist for California Sports Lawyer®, Founder and Managing Attorney Jeremy Evans has written a column about the wonder and beauty of Wimbledon in London, England, one of the most well-known tennis and sports tournaments in the world.

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Sports events are often compared to one another through shared experiences. Wimbledon tennis in London is a spectacle. Possibly the best cross-sport comparison is Augusta for golf in the United States. A combination of history and tradition, mixed with class, tennis on the grass, and regulated attire on the court.

The Super Bowl is possibly unlike any other event in the world. Its best comparison might be a Euro Cup final or World Cup match. Golf and tennis standout as individual sporting events that go four days (golf) to Wimbledon (two weeks). Imagine two weeks with growing expectation and excitement for individual players.

Of course the World Cup, playoffs, and postseason for sports are longer than one match when spread out across multiple teams, cities, and rounds, but Wimbledon is played on one site for two weeks. The anticipation and excitement is palpable from start to finish. Wimbledon even has a set of colors in purple, green, and white, and the attire is more akin to the Kentucky Derby.

Wimbledon also features signature beverages and snacks, namely Pimms Cup and strawberries and cream. One might say Wimbledon is a brand as much as it is a tournament and the two compliment each other. The smaller courts on the Wimbledon grounds also provide the closest action in all of sports.

It used to be said that the pitcher in baseball was sometimes further away from the catcher than the fans in newer metro style ballparks. So somewhere between 50-60 feet away. In tennis, the action is maybe a few feet. “Foul balls” are of course common in both sports.

The green of the grass and the immaculate grounds are well maintained. British and Southern hospitality also have much in common. Wimbledon like most major sporting events is a thing to see and experience and a place to be seen and experienced.

If one gets the chance to attend, one should make the effort to do so. As Jim Nance might say, “A tradition unlike any other”, and much could be said of Wimbledon in the same regard. From the Wimbledon Village, to the class on the grass and on the grounds, it was an experience of a lifetime.

The first year attended, it is mesmerizing. Every year since it has gotten better as the experience gets more enriching with time. The grounds are updated and new, but the walls surrounding it are like a museum or old Fenway Park or Wrigley Field feeling.

The grounds feel like a large park, but people are watching tennis being played between 128 of the best tennis players in the world. Tennis has a feel of old and new and being played in an epic venue only makes it better. Wimbledon, where tradition and top of class tennis collide amongst green grass, purple flowers, and classic attire.


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