Weekly Column: Finally, Streaming and Social Media in One Play and Place

In his capacity as a Columnist for California Sports Lawyer®, Founder Jeremy Evans has written a column about QEWD, a new streaming and social media collaboration service for consumers.   

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Weeks ago, the topic and content for the weekly column revolved around how streaming and social media might be competing and collaborating with each other. Now, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The QEWD platform (pronounced “cued” as in something is in the cue to watch) has been launched and it features two very important items: social media and streaming access and consolidated streaming searches for content on one platform.

QEWD might not be the first platform to try consolidation, but it is first to do so with more fanfare than others. Apple TV and Amazon Firestick both offer search options, but often the paywall and separation between the platforms makes it difficult to search where content and titles are located. Both aforementioned options also lack a listing format showing the title of the film or television series next to the platform and whether the user has access to it. Essentially, existing options are not as consumer friendly as they could or should be.

QEWD will try to solve the consolidation problem, while also adding the social media and crowdsourcing information about suggested titles, reviews, and engagement. QEWD, if anything, could be a catalyst to change for the existing powerhouse platforms. QEWD could also be prime for a special purpose acquisition (“SPAC”), initial public offering (“IPO”), or a merger or acquisition by one of the established streamers, studios, or networks. Social media platforms could stand to benefit from the new exposure as their parent companies worry about a weakening of the advertising market.

With the Warner Bros. Discovery and BT merger across the pond approved by UK’s government officials, a growing list of entertainment and sports content streaming platforms, an ever-increasing move to streaming, and the power of live sports on linear television, QEWD enters the market during a prime time. QEWD may also benefit from what many experts are saying is an upcoming economic recession. During a recession, people tend to spend less money traveling, but will spend more time at home watching content. Hollywood and sports properties will benefit greatly as well as consumer yearn for more content—or the new form of gold as Front Office Sports has referred to it.

Streaming platforms could also benefit from the technology and platform presented by QEWD to the point where existing players in the space could be motivated to change or expand their current search and social offerings. Often, competition leads to innovation. As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention” or “our need with be the real creator” (the second one us attributed to Greek philosopher Plato). The consumer need is there and QEWD has jumped to fulfill the gap in existing services.


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