TJSL’s Alumni Association Board Welcomes New Officers

Members of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alumni Association congratulate outgoing President, Renee Galente ‘08 for a job “well done” and welcome President Eric Ganci ‘08, and Vice Presidents Jeremy Evans ‘11 and David Beavans ‘08.

“I'm thrilled!,” said Galente. “What an incredible trio! I think the board is going to have solid, strong leadership in these three. All are incredible reps to alumni and students and I have very high expectations for all they will accomplish in the coming year.”

Ganci is excited to continue the great work that the Alumni Board has already started. “Last year, Renee put a ton of progressive ideas forward,” said Ganci. “This year, we should continue to build on these ideas and implement new ideas from the Board and Alumni. It's important to keep giving back to Thomas Jefferson School of Law. It's a strong community and needs to keep growing and giving back to TJ and the legal community at large.”

Phil Shapiro ‘85 is the Alumni Secretary and is no stranger to being on the Board. “I have been on the Board since, I believe 1999,” said Shapiro. “There were only 6-10 members then. I have been President twice, Vice President, and, it seems, permanent Secretary for the last four or five years.”

“The new President and Vice Presidents have all been tested ‘under fire’ by holding responsible positions with the many functions last year," said Shapiro. “Eric has been very active with MCLEs, C.O.R.E, Halloween at Father Joe's, and the Alumni golf tournament. David Beavans was also active in the Alumni golf tournament and Jeremy is involved with everything we do! He directed the many changes in our By-Laws. They all earned their positions.”

Evans is one of TJSL’s former SBA Presidents and feels a sense of duty and pride towards his law school. “The plan for the upcoming year is to continue to show by action how great Thomas Jefferson School of Law is to learn, graduate from, and stay connected with years after graduation through the many activities and programs already in place,” said Evans. “Perception in this world is everything, and if you have negative thoughts about your choices and experiences, people will pick up on that. I am amazed that folks continue to be negative in their view of themselves, which only hurts their chances at living a successful life. So again, the plan, the mission, is to drive and instill the message in leading by example through action that your positivity will be the source of your success. It starts with you.”

Shapiro honors the Alumni Boards commitment, not only to the Alumni of TJSL but to its current students as well. “Personally, I have very strong feelings that the Board has a great responsibility to help students understand the practice of law,” said Shapiro. “The school teaches them the law. EVERY alumni should have a TJSL extern working in their office. EVERY Board member should actively mentor at least one student organization. The Alumni Board is currently in the process of assigning board members to one or two different student organizations. They will attend meetings, mentor and help each club in any way they can. Students are always invited and encouraged to be involved in Alumni Board meetings.”

Evans is always eager to sing the praises of a board that he is so proud to be a member of. “The Alumni Association is your connection to life and experiences beyond law school,” explains Evans. “The Alumni Association consists of 6,500 plus alums and 24 Board Members who are working, living, and creating experiences that students can learn from. If that is not enough to entice, consider the benefits to your career and business by getting and staying involved through creating genuine relationships, i.e. networking.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Alumni Board or would like to volunteer for a committee or alumni event please email

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