The Economic Impact of Professional Sports Franchises on Cities

In his capacity as an Editorial Writer for, Attorney Jeremy Evans at California Sports Lawyer® has written an article about sports money in major American cities.

"When thinking about a professional sports franchise’s impact on a city and a region, the economics are found in jobs created, money spent by the patrons attending games (e.g., ticket sales, team merchandise, parking, and concessions), transportation costs, and meals/entertainment expenditures prior to and after the game.

What we have done here is survey sports franchises selected by this author that we felt might provide a good basis for understanding the economic impact through the lens of the five major American professional sports leagues. We have selected the Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB), Tennessee Titans (NFL), New England Revolution (MLS), Minnesota Wild (NHL), and finally the Phoenix Suns (NBA). We had no preconceptions when starting our research about what we would find, but we tried to select teams in major and minor television markets with geographic diversity as well . . ."

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