Special Student Event: 'You Can Succeed'

On Friday, March 30, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Alumni Relations Office and the Alumni Board brought together a group of successful alumni for a panel discussion called “You Can Succeed: Transitioning From Student to Professional.”

"From time to time we need to reflect on where we have come from to understand where we are going,” explained Jeremy Evans ‘11 former SBA President and current alumni board member. “The 'You Can Succeed' event was just that -- a reflection on what we have accomplished as students, graduates, practicing attorneys, judges, and professionals that, in turn, guides our future steps by learning from the good and bad. The event was a complete success because it accomplished what it set out to do: provide practical examples of how others once in our shoes have succeeded."

The event started off with a motivational video that was created by TJSL Art Director Sherwin Laranga, Alumni Board President Renee Galente, Alumni Relations Director Vanessa Vandever and Alumni Relations & Development Coordinator Stephanie Smith.

The video included prestigious TJSLalumni sharing their inspirational stories about their road to success, their law school experience, and their advice to current students.

“I am so incredibly proud of the ‘You Can Succeed’ video we made for the TJSL students!” said TJSL Alumni Board President Renee Galente ‘08. “It features Bonnie Dumanis ‘76, G. Cole Casey ‘96, the Hon. Lillian Lim ‘77 (Ret.), Judge Browder Willis III ‘83, Judge Garry Haehnle ‘89, Joanna Tsai ‘02, Jon Epsten ‘82 and Denise Asher ’94 – all TJSL alums. We presented it to the students as part of a panel to show them that we, as alumni, are here to support them.”

After the video, the panel presentation spurred lively discussion. “There was some wonderful Q & A from the students to the presenters,” says panelist Eric P. Ganci ‘08, of Galente Ganci, APC. “They asked real questions and had legitimate concerns, and we, as panelists, all had one common answer: TJSL provides a solid education and has a ton of alumni support in Southern California and across the nation.”

Following the video and panel discussion students and alumni enjoyed networking with one another in the lobby on the third floor.

“I was very pleased with the turn out and the commitment of the students who came to the event,” said Galente. “I thought the panel was a fun mix of alum from different areas of practice with different perspectives. We were thrilled to have Judge Garry Haehnle and Commissioner Gary Bloch come out to support the event, as well.”

“I thought this was a much needed event,” said current TJSL student Lance Henry 2L. “The panelists gave motivational stories of success while giving a detailed account of how to achieve it. I personally enjoyed the fact that they reminded students of the integrity Thomas Jefferson School of Law has in the legal community. And, I met some really cool people."

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