Putting the Dodgers 2016 Tax Bill in Perspective

In his capacity as an Editorial Writer for DodgersNation.com, Attorney Jeremy Evans with California Sports Lawyer® has written an article about gaining perspective with the Los Angeles Dodgers 2016 MLB luxury tax bill.

"Before we throw our up our arms in angst and make reference to the Boston Tea Party opposing the Tea Act of 1773, we need some perspective. We can hold off on throwing our tea in the harbor, or in this day and age—refuse to renew our television and season ticket packages—let us examine comparative tax bills and rates across these United States of America and the world. We will begin with the most likely comparison and then move into some more surprising ones . . ."

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This article was originally published on the DodgersNation.com website.

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Jeremy M. Evans is the CEO, Founder & Managing Attorney of California Sports Lawyer® representing entertainment, media, and sports clients and is licensed to practice law in California.