Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson, No. 42: A Life of Quotes in Action

In his capacity as an Editorial Writer for DodgersNation.com, California Sports Lawyer, Jeremy Evans, has written an article about Jackie Robinson's impact on life and the game of baseball.

"Today, we celebrate Jackie Robinson [on his birthday, 1/31/16]. It is fitting that this article was written on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [1/18/16], a dear friend of Jackie’s. Someone who led the good fight for human justice and respect.

Jackie was more than a ball player. He is an icon, a revolutionary, a leader, and therefore someone we can and should emulate. As we celebrate Jackie’s birthday, he would have been 97 years-old on January 31, 2016, we are reminded that he should be celebrated daily. His values, his work ethic, and demonstration of turning the other cheek are admirable and timeless . . ."

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This article was originally published on the DodgersNation.com website.

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