Injuries and the Postseason Go Together Like Success and Motivation

In his capacity as an Editorial Writer for, Attorney Jeremy Evans with California Sports Lawyer® has written an article about the Los Angeles Dodgers record-breaking injury-plagued season and their playoff hopes.

"When a sports franchise begins a season, their first thought is to win a championship and if along the way you break some individual and team records, icing on the cake . . .

We can be sure that disabled list records were not what the Dodgers envisioned to lead the league in when they began the season . . .

For one, it seems that like most people and their life situations, sometimes you sink and sometimes you swim. Similarly, teams have been known to turn injuries or at least injuries to key players into winning streaks and the will to win. The psychological effect cannot be understated on both sides, whether a good or bad conclusion . . ."

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