Ichiro Suzuki passes Roberto Clemente with more than 3,000 hits in MLB

In his capacity as Contributing Writer for Scoutables.com, Attorney Jeremy Evans with California Sports Lawyer®, has written an article about Miami Marlins right fielder Ichiro Suzuki, who now has 3,000+ Major League hits.

"As the model of consistency, Ichiro has displayed stunning dominance in a game of injuries, platoon players and short careers.

During Ichiro’s peak from 2001-2012, he was good for 178-262 hits, 157-162 games and 42-69 runs batted in while hitting leadoff. He’s had 26-56 stolen bases, and he never struck out more than 86 times in a season, often averaging less than 70 strikeouts.

His career batting average of .314 is impressive, but even more so: he had three seasons where hit .372, .351 and .352 . . ."

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