Dodgers Hope to Lean on Depth Throughout Roster

In his capacity as an Editorial Writer for, California Sports Lawyer, Jeremy Evans, has written an article about Dodgers player depth and versatility.

"Since Andrew Friedman was hired as the President of Baseball Operations, his most common phrase has been to say that “this move augments our depth.” Friedman, since his days in Tampa Bay, has done at least one thing consistently well: build division winners and playoff teams through depth, one through twenty-five, and twenty-six through forty. The 2016 version of the Dodgers is no different and actually has more depth, while shaving $70 million dollars from the 2015 payroll. Let us explain.

It has been written many times that an aforementioned pitcher left for the Arizona Diamondbacks. What has not been written about is what the Dodgers gained by forgoing a $206.5 million dollar salary over the next six years to one player (Greinke is actually receiving deferred salary under the Diamondbacks deal) . . ."

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