Andrew Friedman: Myths and Expectations

In his capacity as an Editorial Writer for, California Sports Lawyer, Jeremy Evans, has written an article about front offices in major league baseball and expectations for the 2015 Winter Meetings in Nashville, Tennessee.

"[CEO] Mark Walter and the Dodgers are not unlike any other baseball team. They want to get the most wins for the best price. This does not mean the Dodgers will be cheap, but it does mean they will be smart. Walter is a self-made man and is worth $2.2 billion USD (as of 12/5/2015). He got there by making smart decisions and hiring smart people to help make those decisions. Those facts and lessons of life do not go out the window because he owns a baseball team . . . Walter is not much different from Dodgers legend and Hall of Fame inductee Branch Rickey in one very important sense–bringing together a lot of talent. If Branch Rickey started the farm system of player talent, then the modern day experiment is front office farm systems of executive talent."

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