Rachel Faulkner

"Being a model or an actress is far more difficult than what meets the public's eye. As with anything, preparation and perseverance are keys to being remotely successful. However, having the passion to be the best, and enjoying what you are doing are supremely important as well. This describes not only me, but Jeremy as well. Jeremy is more than someone who is just there; he is genuinely interested in the well being of his clients or should I say his friends."
Rachel Faulkner, Model and Actress

My name is Rachel and I specialize in modeling, acting, and brand ambassador work. I have been modeling for over three years, acting and executing brand ambassador work for one and a half years. I am currently agency represented for both modeling and acting with NTA Talent in Los Angeles, and I am a SAG-eligible actress. I have a very diverse portfolio, so feel free to send me an email via the Contact section requesting my resume and/or images from various styles of modeling. Again, thank you for your time and I hope to work with you soon!


For more information about Rachel, visit her website or imdb.com.

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